Spacesmith Collaborations 1998 –– 2018


For Spacesmith, collaboration is the essential element of the design process. It begins with understanding our client’s values and continues with bringing together the required ensemble of players to meet their objectives - stakeholders, end users, consultants, and partnering architects and designers. Highlighted in this book is a selection of our most rewarding and successful collaborations from the last twenty years.

Spacesmith is proud to win the 2019 American Design Award for our book: Spacesmith Collaborations 1998 - 2018. The book was printed by Integrated Printing & Graphics, Inc. –– Client: Spacesmith Title: Spacesmith Collaborations 1998-2018 Design: Helen Zouvelekis Design Editor: Dylan Jhirad Copy Editor: Kristen Persinos Contributing Editor: Roger Marquis Developmental Editor: CC Sullivan