Shared Studios

Spacesmith collaborated with Shared Studios’ Founder Amar Bakshi to create reusable, transportable spaces as vehicles for conversations between people in galleries in Tehran and NYC. Portals are shipping containers with immersive audio and video technology. Portals launched its global network by pairing Tehran and New York. Since then, portals are set up at diverse locations including museums, universities, technology hubs, refugee camps, and arts centers. They have popped-up in the Middle East, Central and South America, North America, South and East Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania.

Portals serve as a catalyst for conversation between communities that would not typically engage with one another due to language barriers, technological limitations and hardened stereotypes of the other. 

The Process


Portals exist around the world

North America

Andover, MA, USA
Boston, MA, USA (2018)
Bronx, NY, USA (2018)
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Chicago, IL, USA
Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Floyd County, KY, USA (2018)
Hardy County, WV, USA (2019)
Ithaca, NY, USA
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Manhattan, NY, USA (2018)
Milwaukee, WI, USA
Mexico City, Mexico
Oakland, CA, USA
Oberlin, OH, USA
San Marcos, TX, USA
Tampico, Mexico (2018)
Washington DC, USA (2018)


Berlin, Germany
Stockholm, Sweden


Kakuma, Kenya (2018)
Hargeisa, Somaliland (2018)
Kigali, Rwanda
Lagos, Nigeria (2018)
Nairobi, Kenya

Middle East

Amman, Jordan (2018)
Erbil, Iraq
Gaza City, Palestine
Hadramaut, Yemen (2018)

Asia & Australia

Astana, Kazakhstan (2018)
Herat, Afghanistan
Kabul, Afghanistan
Kanpur, India (2018)
Shanghai, China (2019)
Srinagar, India (2018)
Yangon, Myanmar

South & Central America

Bogotá, Colombia (2018)
San Pedro Sula, Honduras