• CLIENTS: We take care of the people who are taking care of the world.

  • PARTNERS: We bring mindfulness to our work with partners so we always know when to lead and when to follow.

  • VENDORS: We work closely with the people who make the building blocks for conscious communities.

  • COMMUNITY: Our work reflects and enhances the spirit of the people and communities in which they are built.

  • SPACESMITH TEAM: Creating a space where passion and compassion can cohabitate and facilitate great work.

  • VISION:  To make the world a harmonious place through our contribution to the built environment.

  • PURPOSE:  To create space that inspires people to achieve their highest potential.

  • VALUES:   Integrity, Trust, Respect, Balance, Stewardship and Passion

  • DRIVING BELIEF:  Space is full of possibility.


With integrity, trust and stewardship, we craft spaces for clients who are making a better world.