What's the most impressive historic site you've seen?

My first real memory of architecture having an impact on me occurred at the historic Biltmore Estate on a family trip in the Carolina's. I felt like a time traveler even though every now and then the walk-man tour guide I was holding reminded that I was indeed just a seven year old girl, living in modern time, getting a glimpse into a past life.

Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC

More than twenty years later I am still chasing that feeling of amazement by visiting as many historic homes I can and dragging along any poor souls who happening to be vacationing with me. My husband was a good sport this summer driving me to see Franklin Delano Roosevelt's home, Theodore Roosevelt's Summer White House, and Vanderbilt Mansion.

While I do fancy a nice museum or historic civil building, there is something special about the richness and warmth of a home.

Sagamore Hill / Summer White House

Vanderbilt Mansion, Long Island, NY

Last October I had the unexpected joy of exploring the historic Boldt Castle in the Thousand Island region during a road trip through Canada. It was easily the best day of the trip for me. The journey started for us in a small boat on the Canadian side of the St. Lawrence with our passports in hand; Boldt Castle is on its own island called Heart Island which belongs the to the USA. 

Boldt Castle on Heart Island

The castle was meant to be a present from George Boldt, manager of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, to his beloved wife. When she passed away, George abandoned the project and never returned to the almost complete castle. After almost 75 years of abandonment, the Thousand Island Bridge Authority took ownership of the island with its main castle, power house, and children’s play house for a dollar, and has since been restoring the castle for tourists like me.

This how the castle looks today.

Alster Tower / Boldt Castle 

Power House

What is your favorite historic site to visit?


Amy Jarvis, Designer

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