"The Bronx is Up, but the Battery's Down"

When Spacesmith moved into One New York Plaza, right across the street from the Staten Island Ferry and Battery Park, I was surprised to see how much Battery Park had changed since I had last visited it. 

Granted I had not been there in a dog’s year or so, but this was certainly not the run down, barren park I remembered from the 90s. It is now so robust now with many types of plants, wild flowers, new art installations, a café…you can even get a beer there.

And, oh yes, that carousel, which is not the subject of this blog, but yes, that carousel.

So it has become a habit of mine during the warmer months to stroll through the Park on a lunch break and take in the seasonal fauna, or even a nap in the Battery Oval (an acre of land, formerly hard surface, now green lawns and winding gardens). 

I got it into my head that a gif showing the transition from winter to spring in the Park would be fun to do. In hindsight, fun was not the right word, but I remained committed. From April 3rd to June 27th, every Tuesday morning I took pictures from two vantage points in the hopes that I could capture spring awakening, to share the amazing work the Battery Park Conservancy is doing in concert with Mother Nature. FULL DISCLOSURE: I did miss two Tuesdays (one in May and one in June for reasons I will not bore you with) but I managed to keep my date for almost 3 months. Rain or shine. 

On my first trip, there was still snow on the ground. A good start, I thought.

So below, behold, my amateur photography turned into amateur animation. I’m hoping a gif will say a thousand words. 

Battery Park Gif A                

Battery Park Gif B

Learn more about the Gardens of The Battery and the amazing landscape architecture going on at the Park. “Since its founding in 1994, The Battery Conservancy has demonstrated that public parkland can become a paradise of plants, achieved through the breathtaking beauty of gardens. Visited by millions of people each year, The Battery was the first New York City public park to introduce a horticultural landscape without fences or an admission fee.”

“New York, New York, it's a helluva town!”

Kristen Persinos

Kristen Persinos