Summertime by Kristen and Kurt

Email from Kristen Persinos to Kurt Gottschalk:

"So, I have to do a blog for work. I was thinking about doing ten songs of summer. All the choices off the top of my head are pretty obvious. Then it occurred to me…you are basically an encyclopedia of music. Would you like to "co-curate" with me and provide five choices? No rules. Just that they are about summer or mention summer, I suppose. Your reward will be a beverage of your choice and worldwide acclaim!"

Well...Kurt said yes. 

Kristen’s Picks and Comments (Not necessarily in any order.) 

1. Alice Cooper: School's Out - An obvious choice, oldie but goodie, and check out the killer original line up and their groovy threads. The whole album is an A+. "Well we got no class...and we got no principals..." 

2. Blue Cheer: Summertime Blues - Written by Eddie Cochran and his manager Jerry Capehart. Listen loud and enjoy more groovy-liscious-ness.

2.a Okay, I’m cheating. If you liked that version of Summertime Blues, maybe you’ll like this one too. The Who: Summertime Blues - MAXIMUM ROCK AND ROLL!

3. Sly and the Family Stone: Hot Fun in the Summertime - “Whoa yeah yeah…” 

4. Lovin-Spoonful: Summer in the City - “Come-on come-on and dance all night…despite, the heat it'll be alright.” 

5. Grey Gardens Musical: Another Winter in a Summer Town - Had to throw this one in even if it is a depressing song about the end of summer. Vocalist Christine Ebersole! Wow.

Kurt’s Picks and Comments

1. Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald: Summertime - Everyone knows the song but these two voices together, damn.

2. Mungo Jerry: In the Summertime - What makes a perfect summer song? Everyone knows it but it isn’t overplayed.

3. Prince: Hot Summer - Never released but delivered to Minneapolis radio station the Current to be played once in June, 2010. He could make things sound so effortless.

4. The Danleers: One Summer Night - Straight outta Brooklyn and sold a million copies in the summer of 1958. Why don’t people listen to doo-wop anymore, Kristen? Why? (Kristen's answer…not enough MAXIMUM ROCK AND ROLL!)

5. Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers: That Summer Feeling - Because you know summer isn’t as fun as it used to be.

Thanks Kurt!

Who is Kurt Gottschalk besides a swell guy I went to high school with in Springfield, Illinois? Well…in his own words: 

Kurt Gottschalk writes about music for a variety of publications and hosts the radio show Miniature Minotaurs on WFMU. He is also an author and playwright, and the staging of his play -- co-produced by Kristen Persinos -- is one of his proudest accomplishments (Aw…shucks Kurt!). He pretty much never writes about himself in the third person. 

Kristen Persinos, Marketing Director