Spacesmith Trivia

This past Friday, our ever-social co-worker Ambar Margarida invited the office staff to Nerd Nite in Littlefield, Brooklyn. An evening that began with trivia and ended with short scientific based presentations that closely mimic TED-Talks....of course, all while consuming a healthy amount of micro brews and cocktails. 

I was inspired to create one round of trivia specific to our Spacesmith firm for my blog this week. See the 10 questions below. 

How well do you know the people that make Spacesmith so great?!


1) Who did Vanessa sit next to in the office prior to her current seat adjacent to Darlene? (Hint: It is a Davis Brody Bond employee.)

2) Where did Michel Franck go to college in the US?

3) Where was the Spacesmith summer outing in 2014?

4) What is the name of Margaret’s dog?

5) How many years has Alex Koretski worked at Spacesmith?

6) Who are the three people whose hands are shown in the picture below in order from left to right?


7) Which final ARE test does Amy have left before she becomes a licensed architect?

8) Who is our most recent new employee?

9) Name all the employees who have traveled outside the US in 2016.

10) What repetitive action does Marc Gordon do when he is on the phone at his desk?


1) Jason

2) Miami University of Ohio

3) Governors Island

4) Jeter (named after Yankee player Derek Jeter)

5) 5 years

6) Alex, Drew, Kristen

7) Building Design and Construction Systems

8) Julia Libby


9) Helen, Will, Michel, Amy, Alex K., Olga, Darlene, Drew, Danielle, Zandy, Vanessa, Jane, Kristen

10) Toss a baseball in the air


Drew Miller

Drew Miller

Drew MillerHelen Zouvelekis