Spacesmith to Participate in Workplace Week


Spacesmith is pleased to announce its participation in Advanced Workplace Associates’ Workplace Week – a week-long program of events that spotlights New York’s most innovative, creative and dynamic workplaces while raising money for children and young people in need.

Founded in 1992, Advanced Workplace Associates was the first true workplace consultancy in the UK bringing together experts in the fields of technology, workplace design, facilities management, business strategy and behavioral change management. Now, as the company expands into the US market, Advanced Workplace Associates plans to host its first event in New York from June 18-22.

The four main events of the week include:

  1. Ten Live Workplace Tours: 90-minute working visits to New York’s most leading-edge workplaces.

  2. Fringe Events: A series of interactive sessions hosted by supporting organizations and industry leaders.

  3. Workplace Week New York Dinner: A glamorous dining experience for 100 workplace leaders in one of New York’s most spectacular workplace dinning venues.

  4. The Workplace Trends Conference at Viacom in Times Square: In New York for the first time, the UK’s most influential and science-based workplace conference. The event is recognized for its 10-20-year trend forecasting and tackling work-related topics.

Spacesmith’s client, Abrams Books, will be included in the 90-minute Workplace Tours on Friday, June 22 at 8:30-10:00AM. During the tour, representatives from Spacesmith and Abrams will be on hand to discuss the design elements which went into creating the company’s new headquarters, which is located at 195 Broadway.

As much as this event is about all things workplace, it’s important to mention that a portion of the proceeds which Advanced Workplace Associates raises will go to support the I Have A Dream Foundation.

To learn more about Workplace Week (availability, tickets, etc.) please visit This is where ticket sales will be and more information on the whole program.  

Thank you and we hope to see you there!

Helen Zouvelekis