Sketching at The Met

No need to schlep a sketchbook, pencils, eraser or drawing board, if you take advantage of the once-a-month Friday Drop-In Drawing program at The Met. When you arrive, you can expect a nice folding stool and an artist-teacher pointing out what to look for, what to think about and how to render what you want to express. If you need it.

Drop-in Drawing, materials provided and all sessions are free!

If you don’t need assistance, use it as an excuse to shake the carpel-tunnel syndrome out of those computer-pecking fingers of yours and peel off with your drawing board to wherever you want to go. Since all of the stools had been taken, I scored my supplies and went to visit a nearby gallery. I already went to art school so why did I need anyone telling me how to draw? 

This is a detail of my hand-eye exercise of a fabulous 1950 Richard Pousette-Dart painting “Path of the Hero” hanging on a nice white wall of gallery 919.

Richard Pousette-Dart

Elizabeth Frenchman

You are always permitted to sketch at the Met (with pencil, anyway) no matter what. The next Drop-In is at The Met Breuer - Floor 3 on April 14th from 6:30pm - 8:30pm.

For more information about Upcoming Events, check out: Drop-in Drawing


Elizabeth Frenchman, Resource Librarian, Davis Brody Bond