Sketchbook Diary

As an architect, designer, or person within the creative field, you may find yourself drawn to people’s sketchbooks anytime someone feels brave enough to reveal theirs. I found that during my time in the architectural field, people have been more and more open to showing their visual diaries.

The results are nothing less than amazing.

There are plenty of ways to search the internet to find sketches of all times and themes. The following are a series of images borrowed from "Drawing ARCHITECTURE" a blog that I have recently found myself addicted to. This is sketch website where people from all over the world have submitted their sketches and collages. The moderator then uploads it with only a name and work title.

This site contains every type of drawing you can imagine.

Plans, sections, elevations, axonometric, pencils drawings, ink, marker, collages of all medias and drawing types. The great thing about the site is that the contributors are all normal people like you and I. We all find ourselves constantly talking and awing at the work of famous architects who are also admired for their effortless hand at sketching. This is a great example of ordinary people doing incredible work.

While I have a very reoccurring tendency of burying my own sketchbook underneath all of the other things I would like to do, this site has really been an inspiration for me to give my sketchbook a little more life.

Our office had participated in something called The Sketchbook Project. They are a Brooklyn based company that specializes in storing of peoples donated sketchbooks. Spacesmith purchased a blank sketchbook from them and then circulated it around the office. Each person was able to fill a page in any way they desired.

Spacesmith Sketches

Take a look at all of the sketches from Spacesmith...The Sketchbook Project

Olga Anaya, Associate AIA

Olga Anaya, Associate AIA