Let Your Ideas Come To “Light”

I will proudly admit that I am one of those people OBSESSED with Pinterest, whether it’s looking for a detox smoothie, fun cardio workouts, or an interesting way to reuse/ recycle a material. Pinterest is one of those websites that people can go to discover new things. This weekend I found myself lost in “Pinterest Land” and I’m glad I did. 

Lumio: not your typical everyday lamp

The product that sparked my attention is called Lumio, a multi-functional portable lamp that looks like a hard cover book. It weights roughly a pound and measures 8.5" high, by 7" wide, and 1.25" deep. Lumio’s design can be modified based on its function and the user, with strong built in magnets, it can adhere to any metal surface. Lumio can open up to 360 degrees and the brightness adjusted via its spine depending upon its angle. Lumio’s LED light produces 500 lumens which is equivalent to a 40 watt light bulb which produces a soft elegant glow. The battery will last 8 hours and is rechargeable through a micro USB connector. Lumio features an environmentally conscious construction thanks to the creator/architect Max Gunawan. The shell of the lamp is made from FSC wood available in maple, walnut or a cherry finish, and the pages are made of water resistant tyvek that is compatible for both indoor and outdoor use.

As designers, we enjoy the idea of solving creative problems. It’s up to us to push the boundaries, to go beyond the ordinary and think outside the box. If you are struggling with a creative idea, need a dose of innovative design concepts, or looking for something to do to while you sip your morning coffee, watch the episode of Lumio- the light with “endless possibilities”. 

The creator was featured on Shark Tank, where all five hosts wanted to be a part of his product: Max Gunawan on Shark Tank

Where to purchase the Lumio light:


Darlene Miller, Designer