Launching the Web

Today is the launch of the new Spacesmith website!

This is an exciting day for us, to see years of work and thought coming together in one place, on a user friendly platform that can morph and change spontaneously. A big step forward from all of our other websites - the cumbersome work of designing and updating is behind us. Instead of a dusty archive, we now have an active voice. The possibilities are endless! 

And so, to begin this new day, the Spacesmith Blog is officially open. We’ve decided to include a Blog to add another voice - to speak directly to our work, the things that we think about and to go beyond the voice to the conversation.

I plan to be an active participant adding my thoughts on a variety of subjects related to the practice of architecture and interior design, and maybe to the practice of “life.” A quote that I cribbed from a fellow architect somewhere along the way is, “the most important thing we design as architects is our own life.” (If anyone knows who originally said this, please share.) 

I invite other members of the Spacesmith and Davis Brody Bond team to chime in or spin off in any direction sharing their passions, opinions and knowledge, not in any particular order. Special thanks to Helen Zouvelekis and Kristen Persinos for all their work designing and launching this website, and to Dylan Jhirad for his creative insight along the way. 

We’ve been talking a lot in the office about the importance of sketching and are creating a group sketch book after our visit to The Sketchbook Project. I’ve included one of my favorite sketches from years ago, sitting on the dock in one of my favorite cities, Barcelona, a city of architecture, vision, passion and play. 


Jane Smith, Partner

Jane SmithHelen Zouvelekis