Las Grutas, Hidalgo


My recent visit to Mexico City was in celebration of my dad’s 70th birthday. We roamed the city where he once lived and visited the places he knew back in his childhood. Since he was already familiar with the city, we decided to try to find things that in his youth he did not have the means or ability to access. One of those incredible places is Las Grutas de Tolantongo in the state of Hidalgo, located about 3.5 hours north of Mexico City. We hired a guide to pick up our huge family and take us on this incredibly beautiful journey to Las Grutas. Along the way, we stopped at a market for lunch and had some of the most amazing food.

The road led us up and down the mountains until we reached the first stop, a stepped river with canyons. The pools are filled with warm mineral-infused water that is heated by the surrounding volcanic mountains, creating a lovely blue color. The temperature of the river and cave water was so warm, it was like swimming in bathwater.

Grutas de Tolantongo is a gorgeous thermal water park located in Hidalgo.

Two fun facts:

1. The entire park is naturally formed!!!

2. The land and entire attraction is not government or corporate owned. Instead, 112 local families share ownership.

It's exciting to know that even my dad, who spent a good portion of his life in this city, had no idea such marvels were so close by!

Olga Anaya, Associate AIA

Olga Anaya, Associate AIA