Interior Design Principles - Explained in Photos


It was during my Contemporary Theories class where my teacher Rocco taught us about the aesthetic principles of interior design. These principles are older than civilization and a few were even discovered simply by accident. If you are new to design, this blog will be of most interest to you - it could help create some new and powerful concepts. For me, after learning of these principles I started to better understand the function and purpose of designing interiors. So with out further ado, please enjoy the pretty pictures (click images to enlarge) 

1. Form and Configuration - Form is the arrangement of design parts, configuration is the relationship between design parts.

2. Scale and Proportion - The affect between objects and the space they are within.

3. Balance - The equal distribution of elements to achieve a visual equilibrium. 

4. Axis and Alignment - Axis pertains to a centerline, alignment concerns edge.

5. Rhythm - A connected movement between different elements of interior design.

6. Contrast - Provides emphasis and offers the satisfaction of differences.

7. Details - Every detail counts and adds their own distinctive feature to the overall design.

8. Light - Light makes all other principles possible. Without light there is no vision, and without vision there is no design.

I hope you've enjoyed these essential principles in design aesthetics!

Danielle Kachler

Danielle Kachler