"Your father would love this place!" my mother repeated as I walked her through Industry City for the first time.

I venture to Industry City whenever I'm in the mood for a good weekend lunch, need to shop for gifts, or just want to check out a free show or exhibition, this is my go to spot. Industry City is a collection of enormous warehouses stationed in Brooklyn from 32nd to 37th Streets on Third Avenue, and from 39th Street to the waterfront on Second Avenue.


What used to be Bush Terminal - an intermodal shipping, warehousing, and manufacturing complex that covered 200 acres in the early 1900s - is now home to many diverse businesses including garment manufacturing, design/build firms, data centers, and warehousing. Occupying 6 million square feet, it is also a home to a tasty food hall, gaming rooms, retail shops, and event spaces. 

In the mid-1980s, Bush terminal was renamed to Industry City and renovations to modernize the historic infrastructure started in 2012. 

Industry City has become a meeting point for the international creative community, also taking part in NYCxDesign! In the past couple of years they have teamed up with Wanted Design and put on eleven days worth of events and workshops, as well as hosted their own Open Studios. This place is a thriving destination for cultural collaboration, entrepreneurs, startups, and much more.

Industry City offers a cheerful hangout during the holidays!

As Brooklyn emerges as a new hub for the design world, we’ve seen Industry City grow into a dynamic community of 21st century makers across a wide variety of disciplines.
— Andrew Kimball, CEO of Industry City

Industry City is a community that works together and still has so much growth and possibilities! Within just a few years it has really taken off and I'm excited to see what else they will bring to the area. I highly recommend Industry City to anyone looking for a fun weekend trip...check it out!

Please enjoy this video "Industry City - Anthem" for the full intensity and energy of this amazing place!

Danielle Kachler

Danielle Kachler