How Startups Can Avoid Costly Real Estate Mistakes

Recently, Commercial Observer published an article (advertorial) titled “4 Real Estate Mistakes Every Startup Should Avoid.” The article was authored by Breather, a global provider of on-demand meeting rooms. While Breather raises some very important issues and concerns as they relate to the real estate needs of startups, what it fails to do is mention that, by partnering with an architecture and workplace design firm, a startup can often avoid the four common, and often costly, mistakes mentioned in the article.

As a startup, or even an established company works with an architecture and workplace design firm, they will get the help needed to:

  • understand lease terms and contracts

  • find the right office location

  • know if the space is flexible enough for future growth

In addition, a planning firm can help a company figure out how best to:

  • determine the need, design and layout of certain types of spaces (e.g., collaborative, private, common, amenity, etc.)

  • accommodate the needs of service providers and/or clients that may visit the office

  • increase and promote employee well-being, productivity and morale through design

  • incorporate branding elements into the workplace

And, most important of all, by working with an architecture and design firm, startups can develop office spaces that aid in the retention and recruitment of talent!

Roger Marquis

Roger Marquis