Destination Prague

I recently went on my first trip to Europe where I visited Berlin, Prague, and Amsterdam. Each city was completely different in its own way, with the people, the vibes, and most distinctly its architecture. Prague's architecture was the most breathtaking. It felt as if I was walking through a movie set; eight centuries of history seemed to be frozen in time. This is because Prague was sparred any large scale destruction during World War II. 

There are all types of architecture from Romanesque, Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance. Although I am not an expert in dissecting each type, you can truly appreciate each and notice the different types as you walk through the city.

We only had one full day to explore the city and decided it would be fastest on foot. So our journey began in old town square where we waited for the famous astronomical clock to sound on the hour. It was like a puppet show coming out of the clock! We then made our way through the narrow cobble stone streets, past the incredible theater, and on a straight route towards the water. We crossed the Famous Charles Bridge and headed up the hill, many steps later to the castle complex. From there you turn around and can see all of Prague. Everywhere you looked there were so many colors and details in every building. 

My favorite part of the architecture were all the different doors. From large scale doors to small ones you have to duct down to walk in. The details, design, color, and use of materials ranged widely. 

If you ever have a chance to visit, all you need is 24 hours and some good sneakers to explore the city!

Remember to carry water to stay hydrated because beer is actually cheaper than water there!


Vanessa Lacayo, Designer