My Bookmarks

Like most people, I create bookmarks in order to reference when needed for inspiration and resources.  I have listed a few here that I find interesting.  Some are directly related to design, others are not, but still help to inform the work that I do. 

Projects Projects

I'm inspired by multidisciplinary design. Visual art, graphic design, fashion, and photography inform me. This site provides some of that inspiration.

You'll be mesmerized. Some of these statistics certainly have an effect on the world of design and sustainability.

Yes, on first glance it looks like a tutoring site for kids, but look closer and you'll see that there is much to be learned. Brush up on art history and humanities. You may even find that the sections on physics and electrical engineering will help you pass a professional exam.

Some of my favorites-

  • The eyes = They see

  • Eleven plus two = Twelve plus one

  • Listen = Silent

  • Elvis = Lives

  • One cool dance musician = Madonna Louise Ciccone


Carmen Potter, Designer