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The history of drawing is as old as the history of humankind. 

People drew pictures even before they learned how to write. Drawing is one of the most fundamental forms of artistic expression. The mesmerizing drawings from the early age of caves and elsewhere in the world provide some of the best evidence of the timeless desire to create pictures with outline detail.

Like other art forms, drawing has changed and developed through history.

In the creative world, when you pick up a pen, you're ready to create. Whether you draw or sketch, the tool of choice is in your hand. But what if your pen could also be a brush, a store full of paints, markers, pencils, textures, and spray paint?  You get the idea. The digital sketchbook opens up another world, a digital canvas and a journey to learn something new.

The convenience of working with digital medium is when you have finished, simply save your work to your gallery or share it via your favorite social media channel. So, lately I developed a habit of sketching on my phone during my commute to work as a pastime.

For architects and designers, the sketchbook is the most invaluable tool for the creative process. It is a journal, a textbook, and often-best friend if utilized to its full potential as an extension of oneself. It contains all your ideas, your thoughts and your personality.

In truth, I feel it’s impossible to replicate the joy of sketching out rough ideas on my sketchbook rather than tapping my finger on a screen, which in some cases, replicate the feeling of drawing or painting in real life incredibly well. But there is a distinct lack of sensitivity with many of these devices, which simply does not give you the same pleasure.

However, this can all change in the future with new technological inventions, with the next generation of apps and accessories to provide another highly portable outlet for your creativity. The choice may also be inevitable though the avid use of Smartphone and tablets! 

Sketchbook vs. Tablet

Sketchbook vs. Tablet

So, can Smartphone’s and tablets ever really underestimate and replace the longevity of paper and pencil? Or, is dumping your reliable sketchbook in favor of the new Smartphone or tablet too much of an emotional bond to break?

What do you think?




Yikum Kassa, Designer

Yikum KassaHelen Zouvelekis