10 Reasons to Love Architecture Inspired Fashion Catwalks

As a young fashion executive in NYC, life was fascinating and extremely hectic. Traveling around the world was a major perk and of course wearing the latest classic trends wasn't a bad deal either. I was living the great fashion fairy tale...well sort of.

One of the most stimulating experiences in the business was attending Haute Couture Fashion Shows. The designer collections, models and music were part of the show, but the drama surrounding the show made iconic moments in fashion history. From fairytale settings to absolute minimalist, famous fashion designers find magnificent runways from around the world with unlimited budgets!


1- The Oscar Niemeyer Museum - Louis Vuitton makes a statement in Rio. Vuitton was the first European brand to bring its catwalk to this country.

2 - Palais Royale - Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld launches a space-inspired collection at the Palais Royale.

3 -Great Wall of China - Considered the most memorable and most expensive, Karl Lagerfeld made history by staging a Fendi show on the Great Wall of China (built in 221 BC to preserve China's borders). It is the longest catwalk in history at over 1,500 miles. The spectacular show was estimated to cost $10 million.

4 - IM Pei's Miho Museum - Models emerged from a forested mountain side providing a dramatic backdrop for the Louis Vuitton show.

5 - The Bay's Skyway in Singapore - Jessica Minh Anh’s J Spring Fashion Show goes sky high.

6 - Dongdaemun Design Plaza - Chanel hits the catwalk in Seoul in a spaceship-like structure designed by Zaha Hadid and South Korean-based Samoo Architects.

7 - Marc Jacobs' Escalator Runway in Paris - The runway show for Louis Vuitton was memorable for its large escalators, making the models appear doll-like.

8 - Vanishing Point - White lasers used to define the catwalk area, building an illusion of architectural forms.

9 -  Louvre’s Cour Carrée - Louis Vuitton fantasy presentation at the Louvre's Cour Carrée, one of the main courtyards of the Louvre Palace.

10 - Empire State Building - Harper Bazaar and Tiffany & Co. exhibited their most celebrated images on the Empire State Building spanning 42 stories.

After the collection is designed, the show will pull out all of the stops creating a theme that transports the audience to another world. Although most of what you see on the runway is never produced, the show gets the buyer in the door!

Helen Zouvelekis, Communications Director

Helen Zouvelekis, Communications Director

Helen Z.Helen Zouvelekis