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115 Fifth Lobby and Store Front Renovation

The distinctive 19th century building that was once prominent in Manhattan's Historic 'Ladies Mile' District had suffered from poor 50's renovations and years of neglect. Bolstered by the resurgence of the area and their love of the building, the Owner's commissioned Spacesmith to restore the building to its former stature at a cost that was economically viable. Archival photos of the building guided the project design. The original cast iron columns were revealed and reintegrated into the facade, large display windows were reintroduced and the once prominent cornice was rebuilt in cost effective materials. Oversized glass and stainless entry doors to the building lobby provided prominence to the street while continuing the rhythm of the storefront façade. Existing mechanical units were relocated so that the lobby ceiling could be raised to twice the height. Materials were selected for the lobby that were elegant with constraint, celebrating the rebirth of a dearly loved New York City landmark.